Truth on Campus
Truth on Campus
Free resources for students on college and university campuses.


Truth on Campus video is a work in progress: a growing library of media resources for you to watch and share.

Seriously, We Believe

What is it like to be a Christian? What do they know and experience that other people haven’t? This series attempts to answer some of the most common questions Christians get asked with personal answers from real life. Why are Christians different than everyone else? Watch and see.



True stories of people whose lives have been changed, enlarged, enhanced, and made whole by Jesus Christ.

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What Would You Tell Yourself at 21

A series asking people who are out of their “college” years what they would say to themselves if only they could go back in time.


Being Christian in College

The First Semester
A look at one student’s first semester. Levi offers thoughts on what surprised him during his first semester, and how he’s seen fruit by pursuing relationships with people (including professors) who originally expressed strong opposition to him because of his witness for Christ. You can find this video at


Six Friends and Four Years at School

Recently we had several friends who are finishing up their fourth year of school stop by to discuss college life with us. They brought a few more friends with them, people they had met and bonded with at school. They agreed to let us film them discussing their experiences, so that we could share them with all of you who are currently in, or about to enter, a college or university. Two of them were unsaved when they began school, and they talk about their experience meeting Christians and beginning to walk with Christ. The others entered school as Christians, and they share thoughts on going through school and actually making a difference for Christ on campus.