Do You Have

Real Friends?


Do You Have Real Friends?

Do you have real friends? Does it feel inevitable that you would have a constant cast of changing characters in your life, or that, even if people stick around… you wonder if they really get you, if they really like you…if they’re really your friends? Garison shares his experiences with this, and what he’s found to be the solution to the problem of really connecting with people.



UNCUT: Beyond Friendship

Garison shared with us how he is able to create lasting friendships with other people in spite of life’s variables in his “Seriously, We Believe” video. Here we get to go deeper into what he was getting at. In a world where we are over stimulated with new technology manufactured to make us “more connected” we can all admit that the exact opposite is happening. For all our “progress” in the West, we lack the ability to be committed to one another through thick and thin. Garison explains how Christians have the ability to break the cycle, commit to one another in lasting relationships, and invite the world at large to be a part of the family. If it doesn’t seem real, listen to what he has to say, test his invitation to finally receive a heart that is soft toward God and people, and then see if your relationships take on new meaning and depth.
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