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Information for Philadelphia Campus Ministry Leaders

We want to work with you to help cultivate Christianity and preach the gospel on your campus. What would a partnership with TCSI look like? You request literature as you see a need. You schedule a TCSI campus events as you desire. We supply the resources, you connect them to students.

Right now we are offering two main ways of assisting you:

  1. Free Literature: In short booklet form, TCSI literature seeks to address important issues for the intellectual and spiritual health of Christian students. Many of the pieces (especially in the “Thinking” Series) are written to be applicable to non-believers as well. They should work both as thought stimulators for Christians and as apologetic-type (long form) tracts for non-believers.Browse our current literature and download it in a variety of formats, or request free printed copies by emailing
  2. Campus Events: Hosted by Brian Weed, Young Adults pastor at Calvary Chapel Philadelphia, these are Forums for discussing the crucial spiritual and intellectual issues facing contemporary college students. Topics can range along the lines of TCSI literature titles, be completely open (an “Ask me anything” sort of environment) or branch out according to your needs. Contact us at to discuss a topic for a forum or to talk about scheduling an event. (Currently we are able to offer Forums during the daytime on Wednesday and Fridays, but contact us to talk about times according to your needs.)

Future Plans: We’re hoping to be able to soon offer outside speakers for events at your school, and other formats for student resources, including Resource Information CDs for deeper study.

Would You Like Us to Keep You Updated?

If you are interested in getting on our contact list, or in meeting with Brian Weed to discuss ways we could partner with your campus ministry, please contact us at

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