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Who is Truth on Campus?

Truth on Campus seeks to equip students on college and university campuses, to cultivate Christian thinking and living in the academic environment, and to spread the gospel. Seeking to partner with students and existing campus groups, we aim to help you with free resources for addressing and discussing the issues that face Christian students. We are based out of Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia and overseen by Brian Weed.

Truth on Campus Literature

In short booklet form, our literature seeks to address important issues for the intellectual and spiritual health of Christian students. Many of the pieces (especially in the “Thinking” Series) are written to be applicable to non-believers as well. They should work both as thought stimulators for Christians and as apologetic-type (long form) tracts for non-believers.

Truth on Campus Media

Our media library aims to provide a growing library of short videos for you to watch and share with friends. Like Truth on Campus literature, our media is produced with people of differing faith backgrounds in mind, seeking to be accessible and compelling for those who don’t currently follow Christ, as well as those who’ve already committed their lives to him.

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