Read the Bible in 2019

God meets us in a unique and profound way when we read the Bible.

We want to provide resources that will give you a good start to reading your Bible in 2019. 

4 Things to Practice When Reading the Bible


Thinking Deeply

Scientists say our brains are changing because of Google. It’s not that we are losing capabilities, it’s that we aren’t using capabilities. The “search engine” method of knowledge leads us to find information instantaneously and broadly, but with no depth. There’s a price to pay if we don’t know in our brains how to think down through something deeply. We have to engage our minds when reading the Bible in a way that we don’t engage it in other things. Our mentality must be one that is willing to think deeply instead of just skate over something quickly.


Obedience to Jesus

Reading the Bible is a spiritual dynamic; it’s not just an academic or intellectual exercise. Our obedience or rebellion against God is going to make a difference in our Bible reading. When we talk about “disobedience” standing in the way of deep Bible reading, we are talking about something that is beyond the area of “struggle” with sin–it’s when someone has crossed over into a mindset that, you will do whatever you want and expect God to be ok with it. We’re forgetting that there is a spiritual dynamic to our Bible reading if we live that way. Therefore, our submission to God or lack of submission to God is going to make a difference in our Bible reading.



Prayer matters. Ask God to reveal Himself to you in and through the Bible. We don’t have to pray for an hour before we read, but by praying we recognize that there is a spiritual dynamic at work when we come to the Bible. It’s not just about us reading it, it’s about God revealing Himself to us. Prayer beforehand matters.


Keep a Journal

So much of our Bible reading is done in “drone mode.” If we read the Bible that way, we won’t get anything out of it. Read the Bible Genesis to Revelation and keep a journal where you write, not just a notes app on your phone. Here’s a suggestion: Write a one sentence summary of every chapter in the Bible. Doing this helps engage our minds with what the Bible is saying as we read it. We will read the Bible more thoughtfully when we are writing a sentence per chapter.

Read through these two booklets we’ve written on Bible reading and spending time with God.


We encourage anyone struggling with reading their Bible to just keep reading, God wants to meet you in and through His word. These resources will hopefully be helpful in commending to you things you can do to cultivate better Bible reading in 2019.

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